Friday, September 17, 2010

It's one of those days that Kolkata is dotted with little bamboo structures draped in atrocious cloth, housing the idol of a God with a kite in his hand. To complement this, there's "Tunir Ma" blaring from the speakers, much to my delight.This is known as Vishwakarma puja, a day when the God of machines is worshipped. There's one question in my mind though, which came first, Vishwakarma or technology?

A little flashback readers...

The oldest tools known to man were the ones invented by the early man. Fast forward to the Industrial Revolution in UK. The spinning Jenny blah blah and the world had changed as we know it. It took a while to realise, without a doubt, that technology was meant to be revered. Was it the foresight of some genius back in the BC period that machines will one day be worshipped and a God needs to be assigned,like some minister,in charge of "creating" it? Or was Vishwakarma born sometime in the kalyug?

He he :D

In case that confuses you, it's my trademark guilty laugh. I do, I undo. Technology, thou art my most understanding friend.

Quick flashback...I fell, I stood up, I got what I wanted and like an arrogant bitch, I kicked it with my left leg and that's how I am where I am today. Woohoo or no woohoo, I'm happy. I'm dumb but I'm happy. So help me, God!

Coming to more serious matters now, for all those who were frequent on my blog, kindly come back,read, comment, criticize. I've missed you all a lot and I'm here to make amends and scribble till my eyes start protesting. I'm begging shamelessly. Oh that's one thing I've gotten rid of...shame.

So...all's well that ends well,eh?