Friday, August 15, 2008

On a public holiday....

It's independence day. The 62nd i think....i think....
I'll tell you what makes me so indifferent. Yesterday,i was out in the night around 9 pm. It was then that i caught site of a huge crowd huddled around one shop. I was wondering whether there was a huge brawl or something ( which,by the way,is very commonplace). I went nearer and it was then that i realized what was going on. It was a liquor shop people were huddled around. Today's a dry day,so people were stocking up their booze for today. That's what they'll do on this independence day....booze and curse the city and the country for what it is. They'd surely justify their actions...all these working class men in their office attire returning home from work.

Yeah...why SHOULD they really care? for this city? for this country?
It was only yesterday that i was on my way to college. I took a bus from home that crosses Ruby General Hospital and takes the bypass route. I left at 9 am,thinking I'd reach my college (located on college street) in an hour or so. Fate,however,had other plans. I was standing in this crowded bus (with men sitting indifferently and at their chivalrous best,the women standing and too used to the common state of affairs) for 45 minutes and the bus had only reached midway to Ruby ( a journey that takes me 2 minutes to cover otherwise). Livid,i got off the bus and scrapped my plans of attending college and came back home,unable to decide all the way whom to blame for this situation.

There are too many examples to cite at the moment,but the optimistic patriot that I am,i'll try and forget them for a while. We are a developing country,yes. We better support our country. True. But hello? What have i got from being an optimist? A person who's always supported all the moves of my country?

When the inflation rates were at their highest in the past six years, I explained to my layman friends that this was bound to happen. India needs to choose now,between growth and prices. So you better stop complaining. I also explained to my friends how they should stop complaining about the rising oil prices,saying the amount that our country pays for each barrel far exceeds the amount we're shelling out of our pockets. There's a limit to subsidization! the country has to take a step someday!!!

And here's what i get....the Garia Metro station's construction finished nearly 3 years back,but it is still not operational,because of some land dispute. Oh and Nandigram? people JUST don't tire of that bloody issue. A certain woman,who dresses in a dirty white sari and claims she is poor and patriotic(her eyebrows are always finely plucked and she gets regular facials done,btw), is still not over with this cat and mouse chase.

And i keep on waiting....for the world to change!

Thursday, August 14, 2008

Maiden Blog

Yeah I know...i was in two minds before i wanted to start blogging. But what the heck? why think so many times before taking a decision? So here I am :)