Thursday, February 25, 2010


And now, the memories are whitewashed too

And THAT, my friend, is closure.


I know there's been a lot of ranting on this subject, particularly from my side, but I can't help but bring it up again, in a slightly different light on my long untouched blog.

I was glued to my television set (despite my pressing books which are now getting heavily intolerable and at the same time, raising my levels of immunity too) throughout friday waiting for one speck of bad news to be caught live on the hungry cameras that are now so very eager to spray black on red. Who doesn't change sides. That IS the very necessity. The only reason a giant will ever survive. And he shall survive only because he shall not respect himself, but all else that has a say and can sream louder on microphones. Friday was gloomy in every sense of the word for these red-washed channels (no they shall be eating grass very soon). There was surprise on every news anchor's face (shock, if you may want to add). How peaceful it all went off.
Aah...but wait! There's spice for you. Saturday was THEEEEE BEST! A student got beaten up. He made gestures, they say. Obscene ones. And then, bricks and stones were hurled. Sandals were flying around. I got a call from one of these news channel correspondents to make sure I was safe. Of course I was. I was reading Twilight! I was on the verge of strangling myself! So who cares? I escaped the bricks! When I switched the TV on, I saw how certain individuals transformed themselves overnight. From intelligent and balanced individuals, they turned into brick hurling, screaming, wailing, helpless and desperately camera-attention seeking pigs who I still don't admit to recognising. All year round, the world seems normal. Just when the elections are round the corner, the revamping. Forget about these hot blooded students (even about the temporarily possessed chap who set himself on fire somewhere in the south). I will also overlook for now the woman who is trying to woo her "Matribhoomi" after safely ignoring the necessity of cutting costs and electrifying railways, and making this a local rather than a national budget. Let two years pass. She shall be a different woman!

There's a world around us that begs to have a clean environment, peaceful relations internationally, love and peace everywhere. How we fail. With every "Hope"enhagen. With every song and advertisement for peace on prime time television. With every chips packet that encourages you to "spread the love" because the root cause for all evil is hunger after all. So true! So very well said. And what effort does the colourful animal on the packet make? Creating aversion for food altogether.

Forgive me. I'm a hot blooded young individual too. You'll have a thousand different things to say to me. But I extend a hippo hug to you.